A Letter to the Children

When my daughter Erika Lisa Maria was five years old, I asked her what she wanted for her sixth birthday. Her answer was simple. “Mommy, I want a future.”

Today, in 2020, in the bedrock of the future for all children is sustainability and biodiversity. This means that, we, respect and protect the web of life, we call nature in all of its forms everywhere. Now, and forever.

The most important reaction on our planet is the Photosynthetic Reaction. It takes place in the living leaf of and form essential link to every living being on earth.

Trees are connected to…

1. …the air you breathe

2. …the fresh water you drink

3. …the medicines you need

4. …the weather you have

5. …stopping Climate change

The children of earth’s future need a world where these essential connections are revitalized and respected. We can give them this future by pledging to Revive the Global Forest. Pick up a trowel. Plant one native tree every year for six years. It’s that simple.

Diana Beresford-Kroeger 2020

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