To the Citizens of the World

A global pandemic is here. A round virus is on a roll. It has glycoprotein ammunition. it is mutating with the intelligence of a survivor and its aim is death by respiratory failure. We need oxygen. Countries are running out … Read More

A Letter to the Children

When my daughter Erika Lisa Maria was five years old, I asked her what she wanted for her sixth birthday. Her answer was simple. “Mommy, I want a future.” Today, in 2020, in the bedrock of the future for all … Read More

Forest as Sacred Cathedral

When you walk into a forest – great or small – you enter it in one state and emerge from it calmer. You have that cathedral feeling and you’re never the same again. You come out of there and you … Read More

Stop Climate Change in its Tracks

Stoping climate change in its tracks can feel like the impossible. The latest science tells us that as of 2019 we have just ten years to halt global temperature rise. If we leave it any longer, it will be too … Read More

The Celtic Alphabet of Trees

The Ogham script is the first alphabet of Europe, in which every letter is named for a tree or an important companion to trees. What is remarkable about Ogham is that the philosophy behind the language carries a way of … Read More

The Urgent Need for a Living Library of Trees

Dear Forest Friend, A decade ago, I wrote a master plan for protecting the global forest. It was hand delivered across the world and sometimes by private jet. That’s how valuable the contents were to science. The plan has the … Read More