Forest as Sacred Cathedral

When you walk into a forest – great or small – you enter it in one state and emerge from it calmer. You have that cathedral feeling and you’re never the same again. You come out of there and you know something big has happened to you. Science allows us to explain a part of that sacred experience. We know that the alpha and beta pinenes product by the forest actually do uplift your mood and affect your brain through your immune system. Simply walking into a forest is a holiday for your mind and soul. Allowing your imagination and creativity to blow. I think that is a miracle.

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  1. melinda marton
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    Dear Diana, I have read your book about trees and watched the movie, and I am so grateful for your amazing and inspiring work.
    I am a psychologist working with intuitive empaths, myself one of them, and trees have talked to me as long as I remember. I have written the book ‘Sacred connection with trees’ as one old tree told me to do so, reminding me it was my soul purpose to write this book (pen name: Elisabeth White Rose:
    But the reason I write to you is, that I love connecting to and ‘talking’ to trees, and I would love to be able to connect to all those ancient amazing beings you are mentioning in your book and movie. You are mentioning in your book that some people can talk to trees. I certainly can, and is very natural for me to do so, even if I can’t understand the scientific reasons behind it. I have a spiritual understanding that we are all ONE and we are all connected. I am living in Denmark, but I am born in Transylvania, and until I was 6 years old I was raised by my grandparents, in times which were very different then the ones we are living now.
    However, I know that things are changing into better, that now is the time for awakening and making positive changes, with respect and focus for nature.

    Tank you once more for your beautiful work.
    With much love,

  2. Jennifer Fitzpatrick
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I often wondered if it was just the effect of seeing all the green leafage, but I liken a forest to a beautiful, natural cathedral…interesting about the beta pinenes.
    Thank you.

  3. Lauretta
    | Reply

    Beautiful, thank you!

  4. Floyd Kehl
    | Reply

    I have 172 mostly wooded acres in Indiana, and I understand the connection… not enough to define it yet, but it is all around as I explore every root and vine.

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