The Celtic Alphabet of Trees

The Ogham script is the first alphabet of Europe, in which every letter is named for a tree or an important companion to trees. What is remarkable about Ogham is that the philosophy behind the language carries a way of thinking about the rebirth of the forest, namely, to consider how intimate the connection is between forests and humans. Legend says that when a young man named Ogma created the Ogham script, nature came calling, because all imagination – even scientific imagination – originates in nature. Young Ogma looked around his neighbourhood and his eye fell on the Druid’s sacred life forms – the ancient forests. So the alphabet of the forest was created. This new writing held the philosophy of the forest and of a millennia of oral culture that went with it.

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  1. Gavin Mounsey
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    Warm Greetings from Southern Ontario!

    My name is Gavin. I am a gardener, seed saver, permaculturalist and forest lover.

    I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing along the ancient knowledge and language of my Irish and Scottish ancestors. It feels as though a hole in my heart begins to heal when I refer to the trees I work with in my day job (landscape design/installation) in the Ogham script / Gaelic.

    I strive to encourage people to engage in efforts to regenerate the Carolinian forests here where I live in Leamington and in some cases (due to my job and being able to suggest tree species for large landscape designs) I am able to facilitate small pockets of forest to begin the path back to what it once was.

    If you are ever engaging in efforts to protect or plant endangered species in the area I would be honored to help out in any way I can.

    On a separate side note, do you happen to know where I can purchase a high resolution version of that lovely info-graphic/poster of the Ogham Alphabet (that you shared at the top of this blog post)?

    Thank you for the sacred work you do in protecting and healing the forests through inspired educational books. Your books are brimming with scientific knowledge and yet grounded in humility / reverence for the more than human world. I feel that is a medicine this world needs dearly.


  2. Isabelle
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    London Calling Hello Diane

    I have just listened to several of your interviews online I have found them inspiring on so many levels
    on this International Womens Day

    Thank you from my heart to yours Bless you on your mission of the Sacred Forests Revival on this divine planet we call home
    We can make a difference each one of us plant a tree.

    Best wishes
    Isabelle Bricknall

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