To the Citizens of the World

A global pandemic is here. A round virus is on a roll. It has glycoprotein ammunition. it is mutating with the intelligence of a survivor and its aim is death by respiratory failure. We need oxygen. Countries are running out of it. We need anti-viral medicines, today, at this moment.

And more tomorrow.

The ancient forest system of Fairy Creek and all others like it will supply both oxygen and medicine, if given a chance. These giants of the universe with their unique DNA represent a living library of medicine for the citizens of the world. They hold taxines for the treatment of breast cancers, taxodiones for prostate cancer, salicylates for pain relief, thujone for cardiac regulation, prostaglandins for arterial health. The crisper action of the multitude of bacteriophages in the soil connected with these forests is just being put on trial by science. Where Indigenous peoples have a say over the exploitation of their territories, I encourage them to look to sustainability for their childrens’ children and leave their green treasures standing.

The alpha- and beta-pinene from these trees alone is a fortune waiting to be collected by their little ones. In addition, the global protection from cancers to the citizens of the world is without a monetary value for us all.

Canada has suffered from short sight since colonial times. It is time this nation put on a pair of glasses to see the trees and the forests. These green machines work for the entire web of life on this planet.

So, I join Elder Bill Jones, who wants to save his forest, and I want to speak for the forest. My message also comes from the elders of the Celtic Civilization. I hold a sacred trust in this.

Please listen.

Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger
BSc. med. Biochem., BSc. bot., MSc., PhD., Dipl surg., LLD

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  1. Jay
    | Reply

    Wonderfully said by a brilliant scientist and selfless person 🙏

  2. Deborah
    | Reply

    Thank you. There is no joy to equal the joy of the forest and I fear so many have forgotten this. Thank you for reminding us.

  3. Suzie Bennett
    | Reply

    A HUGE THANK YOU for your story, and deep, sincere, and brilliant work with the trees. Your book TO SPEAK FOR THE TREES is a great inspiration. I work with the Council of the Grandmother’s Net of Light (all of nature for years!) where we have been guided to work with the trees regularly. I live in a national forest and am moving through beaucracy on the county level (LOL) and other local sources to get help for an ancient Mother tree close by. Reading your book gave me another shot in the arm to do what I’m able for the trees, planet and our future generations.
    Suzie Bennett
    Idyllwild, CA

  4. Valerie Van Clieaf
    | Reply

    Your message is so very important. Everything is connected.

  5. Cath carette
    | Reply

    Diana . she is wisdom incarnate . with love ; Cath

  6. Ruth Isley
    | Reply

    I too want to save the forest in northern Alberta how do I start. I am aware of its intelligence and healing power as a forest therapist please give me direction. I visit an area in the Peace country which is being logged and I see the energy of that forest and the huge ancient trees that will soon no longer be there – I need help and direction.

  7. Julie Carville
    | Reply

    Dear Diana, I too speek to the trees and have written a book about it and trees and wildflowers. You knowledge has taken me even deep and you delight and charm delights me, thank you for the fine work you are doing, I’m with you. Julie, from northern California foothills of Tahoe.

  8. Aideen Mcginley
    | Reply

    Diana as someone from your native Celtic isle thank you for your wisdom
    I am a volunteer with a mental health charity the Aisling Centre in Enniskillen and for the past 6 years we have run a very successful Day of Hope ,Healing and Growth to star a new year
    Transferring very successfully to digital in 2020 when almost 1000 people joined us and indeed featured Dara mcanulty / diary of a young naturalist that you would love
    We are blessed to live here and would love to talk with you about speaking at our event next January – I know this is a long shot but if you don’t ask – as we say here … thank you for all your wisdom – Aideen

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